The Best Way to Take Out a Karen

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Karen seems to be the buzzword of this century. Everyone has heard stories, lived through the abuse of one, or been one at some point. While the accepted definition of Karen is the following, it is not the definitive answer.

Karen is…

Women in Power

The world was not always patriarchal

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There are few greater injustices in the world than the subjugation of the female population. However, considering that the ratio of the sexes is practically equal. Currently, it stands at 101 males per 100 females. So, the question is:

Why are we still standing below our male counterparts?

The history…

How 20 Years Went By in the Blink of an Eye

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We all go through it at some stage in our lives. You know, that moment you walk past the mirror and shock yourself simply because the person staring back at you is not how you imagine yourself looking.

I'm still 20 in my head.

Even though my eldest son is 18 now, in my mind, I'm…

The Truth Behind The Holiday

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Have you ever wondered about the origins of Halloween? Well, it's Octthere'shere's no better time to discover the truth behind every kids favourite holiday. It's, it's also mine, but no one has ever claimed I'm a mature adult!


Samhain has many connotations with the Mexican…

From the Perspective of Someone Who Has Not Seen It

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Disclaimer: I have not watched the series at all. At most, I have seen the many TikTok made from the games played, and I have read a couple of articles. So, this whole article is being written from the outlook…

Kids, Life, Debt and Whatever Else the World Is Trying To Hit Me With

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I don't know what I did in my past life, but it must have been a doozy. It seems like every time I think I'm picking myself up, life rears back and kicks me in the…

Teenagers vs Police

How do we change the minds of bouncers and police officers, who do not want to listen to the youth?

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In the UK legal drinking age is 18. My son hit that milestone in April, but due to Covid has never had the chance to go out. There is also the problem of his additional needs. …

Sick notes are not what they used to be

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Ben is home today. He is not feeling the best. He woke up coughing and stuffed up. I will give him a Covid test in a bit, but his brother has been the same and negative. I think there is a bug going and they have picked it up. It's…

No Matter How Old They Are, Trying To Get Them to Clean Their Room Is a Nightmare!

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I love my kids.

It has to be true because I keep repeating that mantra over and over every single day. Especially when I look into the cesspools where they chose to live…

J.B. Miller

Wife, Mother, student, writer and so much more. Life is my passion, writing is my addiction.

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